While I was taking a physical examination in Chicago in...

While I was taking a physical examination in Chicago in 1929, which had as its aim my being placed on the retired list of the United States Army, the surgeons discovered that I was in an advanced stage of Bright's disease. They were very serious when they disclosed to me their findings. They assured me that I could not possibly live for six months in the condition I was in at the time, and urged me to follow their instructions carefully. They gave me a very limited diet, which they asked me to follow rigidly, and requested me to return in thirty days for another laboratory test, adding that they wanted to keep in close touch with me and give me all the assistance they could.

For some reason their warning did not alarm me; instead, the thought ran through my mind that I knew a remedy about which these gentlemen knew little. My knowledge of Christian Science was very meager. I could not be classed as a churchgoer, but when I did go, I went to a Christian Science church. I read the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and the other literature occasionally. I had frequently applied to a Christian Science practitioner for help for some physical ailment and the difficulty had always been met. Hence, I went directly from that examining room to the office of the same practitioner. I explained what had taken place and how I had felt for months past. I asked her for help; also, if I should follow the diet. Her answer was: "Bless your heart, no! Eat what you like." I did.

The following month was spent in the country, where the articles of food most strictly forbidden were most plentiful. I ate what was offered with no thought of discrimination or diet. When I returned as directed for the next laboratory test, one month later, the same surgeons were astonished. They could find no trace of the difficulty at all. I asked them if it could be possible that their former diagnosis was wrong. They explained at some length and detail why their tests were positive and no error could exist, and yet they all agreed that a miracle had taken place.

Testimony of Healing
I took up the study of Christian Science twenty years ago...
December 24, 1938

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