I had been an ardent student of Christian Science for...

I had been an ardent student of Christian Science for nearly ten years before an opportunity arose to test its healing power, although up to that time I had enjoyed its protection and was grateful for the good I had received from its study. However, there were certain lines in Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy of which I did not approve, because I regarded them from the false theological standpoint. One of these appears on page 66, where Mrs. Eddy writes, "Trials are proofs of God's care." It seemed to me that infinite Love could hardly provide trials and suffering as evidence of gracious care; but I soon learned that by looking beyond sense testimony we can make of our trials opportunities to prove the presence of God's loving protection.

At the time I was chief usher in a large branch church in America. One Sunday morning I was playing with a cat which I had rescued from a back alley. Although he was in a playful mood, my advances were too rough, and he retaliated by severely biting the knuckle joint of the index finger of my right hand. I paid only slight attention to this, but later on in the morning, while I was at church, acute poisoning set in. At the end of the service help was obtained from the Second Reader, and before the end of the afternoon I felt that the crisis had passed. However, during the evening service there was a relapse, and I called upon another practitioner to visit me.

December 24, 1938

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