Universal Love

Many are puzzled over the question as to how to know God. Light is thrown on it by the disciple John's statement, "He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love." This question, then, is simpler than we thought, for Love is not unapproachable, inapprehensible. God is omnipresent Love, available to all, discernible by all, through spiritual sense.

Human beings, according to their respective natures, fight for evil against good or else against evil and for good, and too often the latter struggle against a supposedly opposite power brings slender results. "When human struggles cease," Mary Baker Eddy writes (No and Yes. p. 35), "and mortals yield lovingly to the purpose of divine Love, there will be no more sickness, sorrow, sin, and death." Love's purpose is harmony, unity, oneness of Mind, health, peace, joy, prosperity, and this purpose is fully manifested in the one spiritual creation.

On this basis Christian Science shows us how to deny and clear our consciousness of the fictitious mortal beliefs of antipathy, enmity, envy, hate, fear, et cetera, and how to gain the spiritual understanding which liberates us from the shackles of belief in evil. In developing his spirituality, the Christian Scientist curbs and finally divests his thought of self-will and malevolence of any description. God's will is the only genuine will, and this will is not to be fought against, but reflected in accord with Love's perfect purpose.

December 24, 1938

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