I took up the study of Christian Science twenty years ago...

I took up the study of Christian Science twenty years ago for the healing of a very severe condition of valvular heart trouble which had caused me much pain from childhood. At the time, I was married and had two young children, and it was necessary for me to do my own housework, which to mortal sense seemed impossible; in fact I had strict orders from the doctors not to do anything. I was barely able to walk from one room to another. At this point I was put to bed, supposedly for a week or two, since the attending physician said that if I stayed on my feet he would not be responsible for what might happen, but that a complete rest might do some good. Instead of being in bed for two weeks, I remained there for six, and when I did get up I was in exactly the same condition as before. I was very much discouraged and told the doctor I was going to try something else.

After the doctor left I asked a sister, who had been interested in Christian Science for a number of years, to call a practitioner for me, because I was ready to try her way. I have since found out that this way is the only way, for it is the way our Master, Christ Jesus, trod. The practitioner came that afternoon, stayed with me for an hour or more, told me some of the truths of Christian Science, gave me a treatment, and then said very lovingly, "I am sure you will now feel much better;" and I did. Before leaving she asked me to come and see her at her office two days later. I told her that would be impossible, but she said, "We will let God take care of that." Two days later, at the appointed time, I was in the practitioner's office. Her home being quite a distance from mine, I had to ride on two trolley cars to get there, and I went alone. After spending a few of the most wonderful hours of my life there, I left the practitioner's office a completely well woman. Going home I felt as though I were walking on air. My joy was unbounded, and, thank God, there has never been a return of any symptoms of that trouble in all these years.

December 24, 1938

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