Government by Divine Mind

[Written Especially for Young People]

Young people in schools and colleges who are studying the history of their own country, and of other countries, are looking out on world happenings of the present time with particular interest. They recognize that the world today is very much troubled over the question of right government. The few powerful democracies are clinging courageously and steadfastly to the ideals of government which have been evolved through patient growth in self-control and true freedom. Other countries are turning away from democratic tendencies, and are once more pinning their faith to a belief in so-called benevolent despotism.

To Christian Scientists, including the young people who are beginning to think of these problems, the issues are plain as far as their own conclusions are concerned. They claim as inalienable their right to observe and to decide what is nearer right, on the basis of their understanding of Christian Science. Christian Science plainly teaches that the domination of one human mind by another can in the end lead only to chaos and to the disintegration of character. Throughout the centuries men have been struggling for freedom to act and worship as they thought fit and right, and many in the past have left their homes and their native lands for other shores because such freedom was threatened or denied.

My Need
October 1, 1938

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