In gratitude to God for Christian Science I send this...

In gratitude to God for Christian Science I send this testimony. I have had many blessings. One of these was the overcoming of a sense of lack and of fear when, after the passing on of my husband, there seemed to be nothing in the house with which to meet expenses. Work had been done in the past to know the true nature of substance, and as a result of this I had a wonderful sense of calm, and the need was met in a loving and most unexpected way.

Another instance of the wonderful power of Truth was the healing of a tumor. For many months I had been suffering from a very discordant condition, which continued until my body seemed so heavy that standing or walking became very difficult. I worked as we are taught in Christian Science, and all through this time I did not cease from any of my activities. There was little pain, but great discomfort. One day, while helping in distribution work, I felt a curious sensation as if something inside me was being moved. I spoke to a fellow worker, saying that I was very much agraid; but with her loving encouragement I continued with my work, reading helpful bits out of the periodicals I was arranging. When the work was finished, and after a helpful talk with our chairman, I left the building entirely free of fear. On reaching home I telephoned to a friend, intending to cancel a visit which I had promised to pay her that afternoon, when the thought came to me: You can do anything you have to do "without harm to yourself" (Science and Health, p. 385), and I was so confident that all was well that I found myself saying instead, "I am coming right away." This visit involved half an hour's journey by train and a bus ride.

Testimony of Healing
I should like to tell of the help I have received through...
October 1, 1938

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