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I should like to tell of the help I have received through...

I should like to tell of the help I have received through Christian Science.

I do part of my work in a central typewriting office, where the stenotypists who take care of the mail for all departments of the firm are assembled. When all the typewriters are in use they make a great deal of noise, to which is added the constant coming and going of those who are in touch with this department. For a long time the noise made me tremble, hindered my work, and disturbed my thinking. My work was very slow and I found it extremely difficult. I concluded that because I could not give satisfaction to my superiors there must be some inferiority in me, and that it would be better for me to leave the firm. However, the particular type of work interested me very much, and I laid my problem before a practitioner, who agreed to give me all the aid I needed. She explained to me that man coexists with God, Spirit, and that in knowing this I could not be affected by noise; that God was helping me, and that I reflected only divine qualities, including harmony. Little by little, as I realized the truth, the trembling disappeared; I gained complete mastery of my machine, was no longer troubled by anything, and accomplished my work with joyous and harmonious speed. Before this, when I returned home from the office in the evening I could do only the most urgent work at home, for I was very weary. Now, when my work at the office is finished, I return home briskly and am able to do all that I have to do without fatigue. Recently my superior increased my salary, expressing his satisfaction with my work, and promising me a second increase later. I have also been instantaneously healed of an infection in my foot and of rheumatism, which had prevented me from walking.

October 1, 1938

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