Spiritual Warfare

As one looks upon world conditions today, it is difficult not to feel disturbed at the many discordant things happening all around us—wars, injustices, cruelties, persecutions, and so on—and every genuine Christian must wish to do his utmost by prayer and constructive thinking to help bring about a change in these conditions, and establish peace on earth.

A good many of us may believe that owing to our comparative ignorance of history and political events we cannot take as large a share as we should like to have in this constructive work; but is ignorance of these things such a handicap as we imagine? It is the business of statesmen to study current events closely; but is it necessary for the rest of us to know everything in detail before we can help to improve general conditions? It is knowledge of Truth, the understanding of divine Principle, we must gain if we would help to eradicate humanity's mistakes. Studying a mistake never takes us out of it. If we would get clear of mistakes and at the same time benefit by experience, we must study the basis of liberty through obedience to Principle, and in this way learn to avoid further errors.

It is far better that errors should come to the surface, where they can be seen and destroyed. A room that is in semidarkness may appear to be tidy and comfortable and clean, but in the strong light of day its defects are shown up and we see the dirt and disorder.

April 10, 1937

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