About sixteen years ago, my young baby and I left my...

About sixteen years ago, My young baby and I left my old home to live in Canada. As I said good-by to my mother, who had just become interested in Christian Science, she presented me with a copy of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, saying that if ever I was in trouble or need I should find my help in this book. I took the book, and thanked her, but I very much doubted what she said. Two years later the time came when I did need help very much, and I thought of that little book, still in my trunk. I got it out and read about one hundred pages; but I did not understand what I read, for it was very different from anything I and ever heard of before. The book was put away again until a year later, when I returned to this country and saw what Christian Science had done for my mother, bringing her out of invalidism into healthy activity. My two sisters had also received healings through their study of Christian Science.

I then began the earnest study of this Science, and since then it has met my every need. I have found it an invaluable help in bringing up a boy considered rather delicate in early childhood. He has had the privilege of attending the Sunday school for over twelve years, and through his own understanding has overcome problems in his daily school life and has had quick healings of mumps and measles. I have always felt very grateful for the loving teaching given to the children in the Christian Science Sunday School, enabling them to help not only themselves but others also.

When my son was about six years old he became ill during the week end, and although I tried to realize the allness of God, good, and to see the nothingness of evil, by Monday evening the symptoms became so alarming and my fear so great that I realized I must ask for some help. My husband telephoned a practitioner, who lovingly commenced treatment. We spend a much disturbed night, the child being delirious part of the time; but in the morning I was able to tell the practitioner that, although I could not see any improvement, he was no worse. Treatment was continued for some days, as he was unable to move himself at all, and to be moved caused great pain. When the practitioner visited him on Wednesday, a remark she made roused my thought very much. I was convinced that the only healing there was, was of God, but I realized that I had to make a still firmer stand for Truth. The next day the child was walking about the room, and on Sunday insisted upon going to Sunday school. I was rather reluctant to give consent to this, as there was still partial paralysis of one side; but by knowing there is only one atmosphere, the atmosphere of Love, that Love surrounded him wherever he was, whether in the home or on the street, I let the child go. His complete healing came two weeks later while he was in Sunday school. We were most grateful for this beautiful healing, which has been permanent.

Testimony of Healing
I should like to pay a small part of my debt of gratitude...
April 10, 1937

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