God Our Refuge

[Original article in German]

It should be clear to us that Christian Science is the revelation of God, whose law, rightly understood and obeyed, frees us from the false beliefs with which mortals are burdened, and from which they suffer. Has it not become clear to us that when we understand and practice Christian Science correctly we are armed against discord from within and without?

A great reformer, who was summoned to appear before the Diet of Worms to answer for himself, and who was warned by his friends not to go, once said, "If there were as many devils in Worms as there are tiles on the roofs of the houses, I would still go!" Does not a firm trust in God speak in these words? Should it not be possible for us to stand as firmly as did this reformer on God's side when our faith is put to the test?

Christian Science is not an invention, but a discovery. There is a vast difference between the two. Inventions are concerned with things on the material plane, things which are usually associated with material gain. Christian Science, on the other hand, is a discovery of things spiritual. It is the law of God, of Life—to understand which is truly to live.

Foundation and Superstructure
April 3, 1937

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