It is with sincere gratitude that I give this testimony,...

It is with sincere gratitude that I give this testimony, trusting that it may help someone who is in need of help as I was when I first heard of Christian Science. First I should like to say that my gratitude for our dear Leader increases as I read and study her works; and I pray God that I may live and put into practice more and more what little I understand of Christian Science teaching. It is now more than thirty years since I first heard of and accepted the truth, and at this time I was in great need of help. For over three years I was in the care of doctors and had two operations. I was then told that my only hope was to live abroad, but this was impossible. The trouble was diagnosed as tubercular glands. At the end of six months I appeared to be stronger and resumed work, but in a very short time my condition was worse than ever. Then it was that I saw that doctors and materia medica could afford me no aid and I was asked to try Christian Science. I read a copy of the Christian Science Sentinel and was so impressed by the testimonies in it that I asked to see a practitioner. I had one present treatment and the rest were absent, but in a very short time I was completely and permanently healed. At the same time aftereffects of the operations and a cough from which I had suffered through many winters were also healed.

More recently I experienced a healing of congestion of the lungs. After a night of great pain and extreme difficulty in breathing I asked for help from a practitioner and I was able to come downstairs and read the Thanksgiving Lesson. In this case the practitioner lovingly pointed out to me that since there is no separation in Mind, I need not worry or grieve over a son who was away from home. I am grateful to say that I am now happy to leave my boy in our Father-Mother God's loving care, knowing that He can care for him better than I can.

Testimony of Healing
I often think of Christian Science as the "blue print" to...
July 25, 1936

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