Affirmation of Spiritual Truth

Christian Science reveals the truth about God and man. It proclaims the fact that God is perfect Mind or Spirit, perfect Love, eternal Life, infinite good, and that man is His image, reflecting or expressing Him perfectly. It makes clear that, God being infinite, naught in reality exists but God and His manifestation. Christian Science combats every attempt of the so-called carnal or mortal mind to have us believe otherwise. Thus, it denies that matter, the seeming opposite of Spirit, is real; that evil, the seeming opposite of good, is real. In this manner it stands squarely for God's allness and perfection, and for the perfection of man as God's spiritual idea.

The understanding of God and man which Christian Science gives is one of the most precious treasures anyone can possess. We are living, in belief, in a material universe, subject, it would appear, to material law, and frequently oppressed by that law: indeed it is this belief which causes all suffering. We are beset, seemingly, by an evil power under whose influence men sin, often with dire consequences to themselves and others. That is the situation in which mortals find themselves, and upon which Christian Science throws its spiritual light in order to dispel the darkness of error, thus freeing them.

Work and Rest
July 25, 1936

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