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[Written Especially for Young People]

An aeronautical engineer, who is a Christian Scientist, was given the opportunity of handling the structural design of a new type of airplane wing, for which the rules of procedure were not definitely established. It was generally thought, when the design was started, that it might be necessary to do considerable reinforcing of the finished wing before it could be made strong enough. However, in his preliminary study of the problem and search for a method of solution, this engineer was deeply impressed by the fact that Christian Science operates "with mathematical certainty," to use Mrs. Eddy's words on page 210 of "Miscellaneous Writings." He saw that the proper recognition of God's omnipotent intelligence as ever present, would solve this problem just as effectively as it would heal physical disease. He therefore proceeded just as a practitioner might in giving a treatment, to affirm the truth about God and man.

The results of this application of Christian Science were gratifying. Inspiration as to how to design the wing and prove its strength "with mathematical certainty" was forthcoming immediately. A satisfactory method of engineering analysis, based on simple preliminary tests, was quickly apparent: it was not necessary to try several methods to find a suitable one. Furthermore, structural details which lacked sufficient strength were easily detected by their obvious inconsistencies, and were readily corrected. Inspiration was so available during the progress of the design that the engineer gratefully rejoiced many times over the evidence of God's presence. The first time the wing was tested, it carried in a completely satisfactory manner all the loads for which it had been designed. It was found that the structural material had been employed effectively without the inclusion of unnecessary weight.

Beauty and Goodness
July 25, 1936

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