"Return every man to his house"

There were times in the national life of the children of Israel when their course flowed along more smoothly because the law and order which Moses had established were being obeyed and observed; but there were other times when conditions became acutely difficult. These periods usually followed disobedience and the letting down of moral standards in the consciousness and conduct of the people.

At one time, when the house of Judah was on the verge of war with Israel, Shemaiah, who was listening for God's voice, got this message: "Thus saith the Lord, Ye shall not go up, nor fight against your brethren: return every man to his house." Then we read, "And they obeyed the words of the Lord." How fortunate it was that at least one of the company was listening, and could hear the word of God, and that he discerned that the actual need of the people was to "return every man to his house"!

The Christian Scientist realizes that the house in which he must abide is his consciousness of good—true consciousness. In giving the spiritual sense of the twenty-third Psalm, Mrs. Eddy writes (Science and Health, p. 578), "I will dwell in the house [the consciousness] of [LOVE] for ever." It is in this "house" that the student of Christian Science finds those precious times when the senses are silent and he is listening for the voice of God, which has opened for many the gates of peace, stability, and usefulness.

"Go forward"
November 7, 1936

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