Higher Education

An encouraging sign of the times is the widespread recognition of the value of education for all, irrespective of race or sex, class or color. Ignorance and fear are inseparable companions, and both tend to foster superstitious, limiting, and disturbing beliefs, and thus hold men in bondage. Therefore, education of the right kind, leading as it does toward the dispelling of the darkness and dullness of ignorance, is in line with and indicative of God's law of progress and liberation.

It is interesting and significant that the Bible was and is the pioneer in the campaign against illiteracy. As a result of the able, fearless, and unselfish labors of such reformers as Wycliffe, Tyndale, and Luther, the monopolistic grip of the clergy on the Scriptures was broken, and the charter of mankind's salvation was made available in modern language to the laity. The wide circulation of the Bible is one of the glories of modern times.

The Presence and the Power
September 7, 1935

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