Mrs. Eddy writes (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 260): "Pure Mind gives out an atmosphere that heals and saves. Words are not always the auxiliaries of Truth. The spirit, and not the letter, performs the vital functions of Truth and Love." The Christian Scientist is profoundly interested in this high view of functions. Truth and Love being infinite, their everlasting functioning is above all possibility of obstruction or variance. Mortal mind and matter know nothing of the functions of Spirit, even as Spirit is entirely separate from physiology and Love is wholly apart from hate and envy, fear and strife. How safe, then, are the functions of man in the image of Spirit and Love!

God is Spirit, and man is spiritual. Nothing touches the spiritual idea save that which comes from Spirit. Nothing can harm that which Spirit constitutes; hence Christian Scientists can defend themselves from all mental malpractice by proving their spirituality. The insistent suggestion of error that we have the letter but not the spirit must be as insistently rejected; for how shall we acquire that which we deny?

Items of Interest
Items of Interest
September 7, 1935

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