When Christian Science came into my life I was very...

When Christian Science came into my life I was very unhappy, my home being very inharmonious. After I had a serious operation which did not help much, the doctor attending me thought I might have to undergo another. At that time Christian Science was offered to me by a friend, and I went to a Wednesday evening testimony meeting. I knew then that I had found that for which I was looking. My friends drove me home, where I found my baby having a severe attack of convulsions. She had been having them frequently, and the doctor was unable to do anything for her. I immediately asked a practitioner for help, and the baby was healed instantaneously. I was so grateful for that healing that I bought a copy of Science and Health at once and began to study it faithfully. During this first study of the book I was completely healed of acute indigestion, from which I had suffered for many years, also of appendicitis and spells of melancholia. Many times I would have such serious attacks of the latter that the thought would come to me to destroy myself, thinking thus to end it all.

Some time later I had a complete breakdown. Some members of the family who were opposed to Christian Science called in a physician, who said I had pleurisy, double pneumonia, heart trouble, and many other things. I was compelled to go to a sanatorium, but I continued to have Christian Science treatment. After spending over four months there, I was discharged, the doctors saying they could do no more for me. After I had been home for a while the visiting nurse from the sanatorium called on me, and when she saw how I had improved, she told me that although she did not have me on her visiting list, she liked to call to see the wonderful way I was improving. She also said that she knew it was my religion that had done it for me. I was very grateful for this opportunity to prove God's power. I should like to mention that one of the doctors at the sanatorium told me he was reading Science and Health, and said, "There are wonderful healings done in Christian Science."

Testimony of Healing
This testimony is offered in great gratitude for all that...
August 3, 1935

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