Over twenty years ago I became interested in Christian Science...

Over twenty years ago I became interested in Christian Science through the healing of a sister who was brought back from "the valley of the shadow of death" by absent treatment in Christian Science. I was very reluctant to acknowledge this healing, for I believed it to be something which had just happened and would not last. Her healing did last, however, and my physical need was so great that I finally consented to have Christian Science treatment. I told the practitioner that I was a Baptist and always would be. I explained to her my belief that the soul was in the body like a bird in a cage, and was amazed that she did not believe this. I expressed my gratitude for and my satisfaction with the help that had been given me by a specialist along a certain line, and assured her nothing more could be done. She told me that some day I would be able to read without glasses, which I had worn since childhood. To prove her wrong, I took them off when I got home and certainly suffered the consequences. When I told her what had occurred, she said: "You cannot dictate to God! When the time comes, you will know it." It did come, and I had a most beautiful healing.

Self-love, self-praise, self-pity, self-will, self-justification,—this practitioner was brave enough to undertake to break down. For years I had been under the care of physicians and specialists for an internal trouble. During part of that time I was afraid to drink water and often cried because of thirst. Temporary relief was all that medical science could offer, but when I sought help in Christian Science I was healed instantaneously. I have been healed also of various forms of poisoning, broken bones, headaches of years' standing, fear, discouragement, grief, and many other evils. I obtained a splendid position entirely through the application of Christian Science. My life has been transformed and made worth while.

Gone—All Our Grief
August 3, 1935

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