God is Principle—Love

God has not always been known aright. It has taken long ages for men to discover His real nature. Strange as it may seem in the light which Christian Science now sheds upon the nature of Deity, many have held the most contradictory, the most illogical beliefs about it. Thus, God has been regarded as a great potentate who knows good and evil, and sends both good and evil upon mankind. The Hebrews held this fallacy, held it strongly, although gradually their prophets sensed the truth that essentially God is Love.

Obviously, a being who is capable of good and also of evil cannot be trusted implicity. That surely must be apparent to thinking men and women. Many in the past have realized that there was something radically wrong with this concept of God. And how earnest must have been their longing to know the absolute truth about Him! Can we doubt that this desire, which was equivalent to earnest prayer, received an answer? In the fullness of time the answer came through Christ Jesus, to be accepted and spread abroad by his disciples.

Wholehearted Praise
August 3, 1935

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