The ever-increasing value of Christian Science as a healing...

The ever-increasing value of Christian Science as a healing factor in my experience prompts me to testify to its efficacy in producing harmonious activity. Not long ago the healing of a misplaced vertebra was experienced. For about three weeks it was impossible to lie down, walk, sit, or stand in comfort, as something was wrong with my spine. By constantly knowing that God's perfect child was not made of matter but was wholly spiritual, I fought the belief of anything being disconnected or dislocated, with the result that on getting ready for the Wednesday evening testimony meeting, I felt a movement in my spine as though something had slipped into place. The relief from suffering was so marked that I immediately expressed gratitude that perfection was again proved and comes through acknowledgment of everpresent good and denial of seeming evil. I have not suffered from this trouble since.

Profuse bleeding from the nose has been immediately stopped, through the same declaration and realization that man is perfect and spiritual. Black diphtheria was disposed of in one treatment by the affirmation of the truth. Two weeks later the last manifestation of soreness was healed. I am also grateful to testify to the healing of high blood pressure and the entire removal of all its discomforts through application of the truth about God and His relation to man. Blind boils, infection on the arm, and carbuncless have also been relieved and then healed. I wish also to express gratitude for an instantaneous healing of a sprained ankle. The continual expression of gratitude healed me of sciatica. Whenever the pain seemed unusually persistent and severe, I continued to voice joy and praise until the wrong manifestation left me, and finally came no more. Every autumn I used to be subject to chronic colds and sore throat, and I am happy to say that now none of these things ever appear.

Testimony of Healing
Before coming into Christian Science I always had a...
August 3, 1935

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