Over nineteen years ago, at the age of seven, I was...

Over nineteen years ago, at the age of seven, I was instantaneously healed through Christian Science of acute appendicitis. I has suffered from a previous attack for many weeks under a physician's care. When the beautiful light of Christian Science entered our home, my mother, long a despairing sufferer from many complaints and disorders, was completely healed; and I, too, was made healthy and strong and was liberated from the various false beliefs and so-called laws with which I had been bound. A few of the outstanding healings I have experienced are the setting and mending of a broken bone, the healing of a sprained ankle, of an infection, and complete immunity in submitting to a compulsory vaccination upon entering the state university.

During thirteen years' attendance at the Christian Science Sunday School, I learned to study the Bible and Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, and to apply the teachings contained therein to the solution of my everyday problems. Through this application I have had continuing good health, and was enabled to attain a very high record of proficiency at school as well as a perfect attendance record. When the time arrived for choosing a profession, I was led by divine Mind away from the course that seemed right to personal sense and into another course which developed into a good position that enabled me to become self-supporting and to support my parents when the necessity arose.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has brought so many good things into...
July 13, 1935

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