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In the Christian Science Sunday School

From the July 13, 1935 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

What do we give to them, these little ones Who come to us so trusting and so gay, Their eyes alight with that sweet childlikeness The Master loved? For such as these long since The feast was spread, the plenteous meal prepared, When Jesus spoke, from ancient prophecy, And said, And they shall be all taught of God. Quite simply, then, that they may understand, We give to them the truths from out God's Word, Those truths which, in some measure, we have learned Of God, the Father-Mother, and God's child, Reflecting Him in light and loveliness And held forever in the Father's plan; Our hearts the while aflame with gratitude That Jesus' words are not for these alone, Are not alone for tender little ones, But in their purpose embrace all mankind, That even now the time is hastening on To grand fulfillment of true prophecy, When all men, richly, shall be taught of God.