Practical Salvation

The advent of Christian Science marked the beginning of the greatest revolution the world is ever to witness. Indeed, its immensity can hardly be grasped, for it comprehends and undertakes the overturning of all modes of mortal thought, action, and living, to replace them with the things of divine Mind. Mrs. Eddy's definition of "salvation," on page 593 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," "Life, Truth, and Love understood and demonstrated as supreme over all; sin, sickness, and death destroyed"—leaves us in no doubt as to the extent of the redemption promised through the application of Christian Science. And the fact that thousands of people all over the world are testifying to the healing of sin, disease, and sorrow; to the removal of fear, hatred, envy, and remorse; to a cessation of worry and anxiety; to improved circumstances and better business; to enlarged capacities, increased opportunities; to more love, more joy, more happiness, proves conclusively the availability, scope, and practicability of the salvation thus provided.

Christ Jesus lived among a people who were chafing under subjection to a hated conqueror and restlessly looking for the Messiah who would deliver them from this bondage. He taught them that the kingdom of God was within them, that they could escape from misery by spiritual, right thinking; and he proved his words by unprecedented works of healing and regeneration. At no time during his ministry did Jesus teach that men must die in order to be saved, or that the power of the heavenly Father is not available to heal men's bodies. Not only did he instruct his disciples how to heal sin, sickness, and all manner of evil, but he gave a definite promise that everyone who grasped his instruction should also be to give practical proof of his understanding.

This way of complete salvation was, however, so much obscured and distorted by the materialism which crept into the early Christian church after the third century that the availability of the Christ to heal was lost sight of until our Leader restored it to mankind through the revelation of Christian Science. Her spiritual vision and love for humanity enabled her to correct the distortion which obscured the Master's teaching, and to present it to modern thought in such a manner that its vital essence of healing and its assurance of relief from all forms of human bondage, despair, and degradation are made accessible to all who will come to its study with honestly, humility, and expectancy.

The House at Bethany
May 4, 1935

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