From the Field

[Extracts from the Chairman's address at a "Monitor Meeting" held in Frankfurt a/M, Germany, November 1, 1934 (translation)]

When our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, discovered Christian Science, she saw at once its world-wide import. So she mediated on the means of making this truth accessible to everyone. Later she developed the organization of The Mother Church with its branches and its periodicals, and, as a far-reaching instrument for the spreading of the knowledge of the truth, established her daily newspaper. The Christian Science Monitor. This paper is an organ of our Church, and we all must support it by our mental work, as well as by taking the human footsteps which this work implies. We must esteem and love it as the gift of our Leader, so that it may become that instrument which she beheld, and that it may find its way to everyone. Then will it bring to all peoples an understanding of the true brotherhood of man through the knowledge of the allness of good, and of man at one with God.

Invitation and Promise
April 13, 1935

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