About seven years ago one of my knees became swollen

About seven years ago one of my knees became swollen. Several eminent physicians were consulted, but to no avail. One physician deemed it necessary to place a cast on my leg and also to have my tonsils removed, which when done was of no benefit. In fact, when the cast was removed I was crippled and unable to walk. Several weeks elapsed during which my hands and arms gradually became helpless. Finally, a prominent physician ordered me to a hospital. There I remained for eight months, and although I was put through every sort of examination and received every kind of treatment possible, including sun baths, I found myself like the woman of the Bible who had suffered many things of many physicians and who spent all that she had and was nothing bettered but rather grew worse. After this another leading specialist was called in and, as a last resort and with very little encouragement of regaining my health, I was sent, hopeless and helpless, to California.

There several physicians were called in, but by this time I was thoroughly convinced that materia medica was useless. In utter despair I surrendered all hope of ever being well, but prayed blindly to know why I had been so unjustly punished. Exhausted with pain and discomfort, the mental depression and agony unbearable, I felt as if I were lost in a wilderness with no way of escape; but "the darkest hour precedes the dawn." One day a neighbor came to our home and told me of the wonderful healings she had received through Christian Science. I immediately purchased a copy of the Bible and Science and Health, and together with the Christian Science Quarterly I began to study the Bible Lessons and to read the literature given to me by this friend, who also treated me. At that time I understood very little of what I read, but through the love and patience expressed by this friend and her husband, and later through the faithful work of another practitioner, I was able to discern faintly that God does not punish but blesses His children.

Testimony of Healing
I first turned to Christian Science at the end of the World...
February 23, 1935

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