When a small child I attended Christian Science Sunday Schools...

When a small child I attended Christian Science Sunday Schools and, although the truths learned there were but seldom thought upon, I now see that my firm faith in God as wholly good greatly influenced my and decisions. When, halfway through a university course, I wearied of cold intellectualism and decided on a quicker way toward earning a living a serious eye condition became more and more of a hindrance. Two years later I was obliged to give up my work. I had been attending a Christian Science church for a year, and now, full of discouragement and self-depreciation, I bought a copy Science and Health, determined to work out of all the fears, doubts, and prejudices in my thinking. At first I understood little, but soon learned that is spiritual. I studied earnestly for a year and a half, correcting much wrong thinking and learning to love the Bible and Science and Health. Then I allowed myself to be to see a specialist. But I was told that nothing could be done for one eye, which had been useless for some years, and that the other was affected with the same condition. New glasses were, in a short time, as as the old ones. After this disappointment I saw that God alone was my help, and a little later I visited a Christian Science practitioner. The physical healing seemed slow, but this was often for the joy of of and rebirth. Much of the pain and weakness soon left, however, and glasses were needed only for reading. About three years ago they were discarded and now after much reading and close work both eyes are stringer and vision is clearer.

While I was having treatments for the eye trouble, a distressings organic difficulty was healded, after resentment had yielded to compassion and old images of disease had been affected. A tendency to frequent slight nervous breakdown and despondency has been overcome in a very great measure through the understanding that man is wholly spiritual and governed by divine Mind, not by matter. I am learning to feel rich in the knowledge of Love's supply always at hand, and many times, when material resources have seemed at an end, a way to earn my living has been opened.

Testimony of Healing
I consider it a great privilege to testify to the healing...
February 23, 1935

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