Under the by-line of "The Observer," a contributor to...

Town Crier

Under the by-line of "The Observer," a contributor to the final (May 30) issue of the Carmel Villager, now the Town Crier, discourses inadequately, though kindly, on "Christianity or Christian Science," frankly confessing his confusion as to the certainty of the operation of spiritual law and remarking that it "bothered him to see so many adherents of Christian Science who are not physically perfect."

First, let me thank "The Observer" for the high standard of perfection he sets for Christian Scientists. Their religion teaches them to set that standard for themselves. However, the fact that all of them have not yet attained perfection argues neither that it has not nor that it cannot be attained, nor that the effort to attain it is without fruits. In the spirit of helpfulness, "The Observer" should be assured that the evidence is quite overwhelming that physical as well as spiritual well-being accompanies the correct understanding and application of spiritual law proved perfectly by Christ Jesus and revealed by Christian Science to this age. There are persons in Carmel, presumably under the very eye of "The Observer," whose lives are rich in health because they apply spiritual law as taught in Christian Science. By its fruits alone, this Science has drawn to itself, within less than the span of threescore years and ten, adherents from every civilized race and has found organized expression in the five grand divisions of the globe—an achievement impossible if its healing effects had not been widely observed.

In the now more than twenty-six hundred Christian Science churches and societies throughout the world are to be heard every Wednesday evening grateful acknowledgments of delivery from hitherto unyielding besetments of sin, from the bondage of illness and the limitations of inactivity. If there is still noticeable striving on the part of Christian Scientists to apply better the divine Principle of their religion, this is desirable and should not obscure the happy results, perfect and otherwise, already obtained.

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