Joyous Unity

In "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 369) Mrs. Eddy writes, "Metaphysics, not physics, enables us to stand erect on sublime heights, surveying the immeasurable universe of Mind, peering into the cause which governs all effects, while we are strong in the unity of God and man." As students of Christian Science we are called upon to prove this statement. The truly strong student is the one whose every act springs from pure, divine thoughts which, as the child of God—conscious of his unity with the Father—he continually reflects. This victorious condition of thought is so at one with God that it remains joyous and serene amid the onslaughts of error, gratefully conscious that to spiritual understanding victory is already assured. In such a consciousness elements of discord gradually disappear, and in their place are found the simplicity and exalted beauty of a truly Christian life.

We shall find that the effort to attain this consciousness is not a wearisome struggle with evil, but rather a gently regenerative laying down of self, and a filling of our heart with the fragrance of love, purity, and peace.

Needs Met
February 9, 1935

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