Wait Patiently on the Lord

In her book "Retrospection and Introspection" Mrs. Eddy gives this loving admonition (p. 79): "Be temperate in thought, word, and deed. Meekness and temperance are the jewels of Love, set in wisdom. Restrain untempered zeal. 'Learn to labor and to wait.' Of old the children of Israel were saved by patient waiting." In our prayerful longing for the solution to some problem, the subtle suggestion may creep in that we must look far into the future for the results of our efforts and our labor. The thought may come that we must wait for some time rather than expect an immediate answer to our prayer.

To be patient does not necessarily imply waiting a given length of time, for the word "patient" has also a much higher significance. A close analysis of the command to "wait patiently" reveals something quite beyond our first interpretation, and the right application of this admonition lifts the burden of delayed healing in regard to health, business, or family relations. Christian Science shows that we need to wait upon God, but in a manner very different from that which our preconceived notion might suggest. Among the definitions of the word "wait" are "serve" and "be expectant of." How better can we seek the kingdom of God than by waiting on Him or, in other words, serving Him with the expectancy of receiving the good that is ours by divine right? Jesus never wavered in this expectancy. Even before the result was apparent to those looking on, he knew, with absolute certainty, that good is ever present. Then in this new light how can we best serve God? By filling our consciousness so full of Truth, Life, and Love that no suggestions of evil, disease, or death can enter. Thus we see that to wait on God is to serve Him.

If we would give to an overburdened world the proof or evidence of our faith, we must serve God in no uncertain manner. If we are facing a problem, let us so confidently wait upon Him by reflecting His qualities that those looking for proofs of the efficacy of our religion actually see the dispelling of that which is unlike good in our experience. If in the small or great tasks presenting themselves to us we serve our Father-Mother God with thanksgiving, we find that the healing is as instantaneous as the realization of the truth.

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October 26, 1935

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