Divine Love

What a truth it is which the Bible and Christian Science reveal, that God is Love, Love without limit—infinite! When we think of it we are filled with wonderment. Not always have men known God as Love. In past ages, when spiritual light glowed but feebly, they thought of Him as a being like unto themselves, a being who loved and hated, who knew both good and evil and sent good or evil upon mortals as He willed. Gradually did the revelation break upon men through the mist of materiality that God is not like a mortal, changeable, capricious, sometimes showing His love towards them, sometimes pouring forth wrath upon them. Gradually it became known that God is wholly good, altogether worthy of adoration—that, indeed, He is Love.

What this revelation means to men is beyond words to express. Christian Science is bringing home to them the fact that since God is infinite Love, in reality the opposite of love does not exist. In other words, Christian Science logically declares that evil in its every phase is unreal. Thus, since God is Love, good alone is real; harmony alone is real; spirituality, holiness, purity, alone are real. In this way the knowledge that God is Love entirely blots out as illusory or false the belief of imperfection. Loyal to the truth that God is Love, Christian Science is steadfastly proclaiming to the world, even in the midst of its apparent sins, that evil has not a trace of reality about it.

Infinite Presence
October 26, 1935

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