About twenty-three years ago, at the invitation of a member...

About twenty-three years ago, at the invitation of a member of our household who had just received a very beautiful healing, I attended for the first time a Wednesday evening testimony meeting in a Christian Science church. During that service I was completely healed of a terrifying fear of thunderstorms, which had held me in bondage for a number of years. On several occasions we have been able to prove that God is not in the whirlwind, but in the "still small voice." At one time, while returning from a trip in the country, we were caught in a severe storm. Branches and trees were falling about us so that we could not see the road. It seemed as though something told us to stop and we did so, singing Mrs. Eddy's hymns. After the storm ceased we found ourselves off the road in a sheltered spot. About two hundred feet away a tree had fallen across the road. At another time, when our town was hit by a small tornado, which uprooted many trees and destroyed things in general, it did not come near us.

About a week after my first healing, I sought a practitioner for help. I had been troubled with a cough for about eight years and was in a weak and painful condition, so much so that I held my breath as much as possible on the way to the practitioner's home. However, when I left her, I took a deep breath with every step, saying, "God is All." I walked about two miles to my home. I found myself singing the hymn beginning, "Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye languish," although I had scarcely any voice left. For about two weeks I coughed perhaps more than ever, but I knew that I had had my healing; and at the end of that time I was absolutely free from the cough and have since enjoyed health and strength.

Testimony of Healing
It is with great joy that I express my gratitude for the...
October 26, 1935

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