I wish to express gratitude for a healing which I received...

I wish to express gratitude for a healing which I received through Christian Science. I experienced a severe pain and noticed a small, hard swelling which appeared at the lower part of my right side. At the request of my wife, who is a member of a branch church and also of The Mother Church, I asked for the help of a practitioner and I received some relief, although the swelling remained. I then determined to see a doctor and find out the cause of the swelling. After a thorough examination he informed me that I had a large tumor, and said that this was one thing that Christian Science could not cure, and he suggested an operation.

Telling him I would think it over, I went with my family to a camp up in the mountains, thinking the peace and quiet would assist me in solving my problem, but the mistake I made was that I expected the practitioner to do the work and furnish the cure. My side turned black, and the swelling increased. I became very much discouraged and started home with the expectation of going to a hospital and having the tumor removed. As soon as I let go of God and turned to matter, the pain became very severe. At this point I requested help of my wife, who stopped the car and told me to decide between Christian Science treatment and the doctor. I made my decision in favor of Christian Science, and we telephoned a distance of over sixty miles for help, which was very lovingly given, and the pain subsided. We continued our journey, going direct to the office of the practitioner. As I now had turned wholeheartedly to God for help, I was responsive to divine Mind. In about three days my side commenced to discharge freely and continued for about a week, and in a short time the condition was completely healed. As the practitioner did not live in the same town, most of my treatments were absent.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science came to me at a time when I was not...
January 19, 1935

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