Christianly Scientific Fearlessness

Because Christ Jesus was assured of God's omnipresence and omnipotence, his attitude and actions, his words and works, bespoke fearlessness and dominion. Although he "was in all points tempted like as we are," we may be sure that the Master was never afraid of evil, nor was he uncertain regarding his own safety and welfare. This was due to the fact that when fear came to him, he was not misled into accepting it as his own thought; he saw it as a temptation to believe in evil as real. In line with Carlyle's words, "Now and always the completeness of a man's victory over fear will determine how much of a man he is," we are convinced that Jesus expressed true manhood. He knew not fear. Even his enemies testified to this when they said to him, "Thou regardest not the person of men."

Furthermore, Christ Jesus, recognizing fear as one of the most active foes to mankind's happiness, peace, and clarity of thought, struck deadly blows at this enemy with "the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God." Those who went to him for healing of sickness, deafness, blindness, dementia; those who were crippled, helpless, and hopeless, were freed from fear and went their way healed, rejoicing and praising God. As light dispels darkness, so Christ Jesus' reflection of divine Love cast out the darkening clouds of fear and discouragement from the consciousness of those who came to him for help. Even when facing the enemy called death, the Master was unafraid and confident, yes, dominant, for he thought ever from the standpoint of God, good, as the only Mind, Life, and power, the only creator and governor of man and the universe. Hence, he knew that there was nothing to fear.

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January 19, 1935

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