My advent into the study of Christian Science has been...

My advent into the study of Christian Science has been interesting for me to look back upon, in view of the gentle but insistent leading of Truth over a period of many years.

While a student in Boston I had friends who attended The Mother Church, and in spite of a great sense of antagonism on my part, I attended some of the services with them. There the seed was sown. For many years after finishing school I turned, at different times in my extremity, to a copy of Science and Health which I had bought. The book was always kept out of sight and was read secretly, because of a supposition that I should meet with the same antagonism I had felt. Happily for me, this feeling was gradually fading out of my consciousness. At this point I want to say that through the reading of "The Life of Mary Baker Eddy" by Sibyl Wilbur I was soon completely healed of all antagonism. Then I wholeheartedly accepted Christian Science. It has been more to me than just a religion; it is the Science of life, and as such I can talk of it to others without the embarrassment that formerly seemed to engulf me when I took part in, or even listened to, a conversation involving Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
As long as I can remember I was what is termed delicate...
January 19, 1935

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