A very convincing proof of the power of God to heal the...

A very convincing proof of the power of God to heal the sick was seen in our home about seven years ago. Our eldest daughter suddenly was afflicted with a crossed eye, and I was very much distressed. Help was secured from a Christian Science practitioner and some improvement was seen, but it proved to be only temporary. Eyeglasses were used and, when worn, they corrected the eye, but did not heal it. So, at the end of a year, we apparently had made little progress.

However, we did not give up hope or cease praying. Soon another practitioner came to our locality for a short visit and was asked to help. After she had been alone with our daughter for a while, she told her to take off her glasses. This was done with childlike obedience. During the next three days I could see no change except in myself. I awakened to the necessity of overcoming my own anxious thought. Deeply impressed by the confidence displayed by the practitioner and my wife and daughter, I felt that it was now up to me to overcome my fearful thinking. This I did, and the healing resulted immediately and has been permanent.

Love Here
September 29, 1934

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