In Christian Science practice healing results from the understanding of the perfection of God, divine Principle, and of His idea, man. It is a proof that this understanding has been gained and properly applied. From the time of her own healing, which took place in 1866, when she discovered Christian Science, Mrs. Eddy healed the sick and taught and encouraged her students to do the same, well knowing that the healing work accomplished by them would attract others to the study of the Science of Christianity.

In 1875, nine years after Christian Science was discovered, our Leader set forth its Principle and rules in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health. This book is for all to study; and no one who goes to its pages with an open mind and the desire to understand its teaching will fail to find therein the "pearl of great price." What a revelation of God and man is contained in that book! Many a one has been healed of inveterate disease on the first perusal of it, as the truth of the perfection of real being and the fact of evil's unreality became plain to him. Even the reading of the first chapter, that on Prayer, has lifted multitudes out of the valley of fear—yea, out of "the valley of the shadow of death"—on to the heights of spiritual blessedness and health.

The Prayer of Fulfillment
September 1, 1934

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