Some time ago I was taken with what is called by the...

Some time ago I was taken with what is called by the medical profession gall-bladder trouble, and was in bed for six weeks. My heart was said to be in a very bad condition, in fact, too bad to warrant an immediate operation, which the attending physician said was necessary. My sister, who lived in another state, and was notified by my wife at this time, came to see me. Being a Christian Scientist she knew, as I know now, that I did not need an operation—that what I needed was God, Truth, the understanding of whom would set me free from sin, sickness, and death, as explained on page 203 of Science and Health: "If God were understood instead of being merely believed, this understanding would establish health."

After my sister's visit I started to improve, was able to sit up, and soon was going about with help; but I was far from being well, for I still had much pain. The physicians told me that as soon as I was strong enough they would operate. As my sister had a summer home in the mountains, I obtained permission to go there to recuperate for the pending operation. At this mountain home I was told what Christian Science would do for me or for anyone who would trust in God. Like a drowning man willing to grasp at anything to save himself, I consented to my sister's calling a practitioner. Fifteen minutes after the call was made the pain left me completely.

Testimony of Healing
In the first two lines of the Preface to Science and Health...
May 12, 1934

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