One of the beautiful mental conditions in the life of the true Christian Scientist is that of right abiding. The word "abide" is full of meaning. A dictionary defines it in part as "to dwell," "to remain in a place or state," and in another meaning "to endure." The word also implies such characteristics as constancy, steadfastness, fidelity to a trust, loyalty. The scope of its larger meaning is practically unlimited when considered in connection with the essentials of Christly character. What manifold promises are there for those who abide in Truth!

To abide in Truth does not indicate a state of inactivity. Indeed, the very opposite is true. In a By-Law of the Church Manual our beloved Leader especially calls attention to the need for vigilance. In Section 6 of Article VIII, entitled "Alertness to Duty," she states, "It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to defend himself daily against aggressive mental suggestion, and not be made to forget nor to neglect his duty to God, to his Leader, and to mankind."

"The bridegroom cometh"
May 12, 1934

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