A Ready Ear

Referring to Isaiah's prophecy, "Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given," our Leader writes (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 166), "This child, or spiritual idea, has evolved a more ready ear for the overture of angels and the scientific understanding of Truth and Love." The Christian Scientist needs to guard his hearing keenly. He needs to entertain every angel, to cherish and obey every inspiring thought that comes to his consciousness, recognizing in it a message of real, spiritual being. Day by day, if he is studious and faithful, there comes to the Christian Scientist the readier hearing, the increased understanding of the spiritual idea of man. Daily he hears more clearly the song of universal salvation.

Naturally this guarding, cherishing, and heeding of the "overture of angels"—scientific thoughts—entails turning what is termed a deaf ear to misconceptions of God and man. In other words, it entails our refusal to entertain any belief of imperfection. The only way to become conscious of spiritual perfection is to dwell upon the perfection of God seen in the perfect image, man. Therefore, so long as hindering beliefs haunt the portals of human consciousness, they must be refused admittance. As this vigilance is maintained, the "child," or spiritual idea, brings to the alert Christian Scientist constantly fresh inspiration and revelation of reality. Whatever is impure, disorderly, weak, or sad is ruled out by "the scientific understanding of Truth and Love," for the "ready ear" listens not to the overtures of aggressive mental suggestion, but to the "overture of angels."

Why Name Nothing?
May 12, 1934

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