Natural Ability

[Written Especially for Young People]

Christian Science is proving itself an indispensable aid to many young people in their studies and extracurricular activities of school and college. The understanding that God, Mind, is All, and that the intelligence of divine Mind is constantly and continually expressed in man loosens and then dissolves the fetters of ignorance and apathy. We behold then an alert student, eager to learn and inherently capable of obtaining, retaining, and expressing the ideas of good.

When the occasion arises in school to reply to a question or solve a problem presented by the teacher, there can be but one right answer, and this should come to us as naturally as light floods a dark room when the switch is turned on. It is not a piece of good luck that light comes with the act of turning on the switch, but rather an inevitable result of a right use of the electrical apparatus. Similarly, every student of Christian Science knows that he has at his command a great store of intelligence which illumines his thought naturally and inevitably when he becomes conscious of humility, faith, and sincerity.

When I Pray
May 12, 1934

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