The first anniversary of Armistice Day, over fourteen...

The first anniversary of Armistice Day, over fourteen years ago, found me without employment or income, and lacking any business experience or professional training. Indeed, my total assets seemed to consist of a sincere desire to know the true meaning of life and man's relation to it. This desire led me to study the theories of hypnotism, mesmerism, psychic phenomena, new-thought, theosophy, and any other writings that I could lay my hands on, in the hope that the mystery of existence would be revealed to me. I had also studied chemistry and physical science while at college, and was instructed in orthodox religions, but still the great questions, What is life? What is matter? were unanswered, and finally I despaired and felt that I was just another one of the world's failures. In this extremity I mentally gave up worrying about the enigma of life, felt that I could never do anything useful in the world, and dared not even think what the future would be like; and all that I was capable of doing I did—I prayed to God, asking to be shown the way. That prayer was the turning point in my life, for it was answered within the next few hours in an unexpected manner. A lady, whom I met for the first time, invited me to visit her son who was interested in scientific topics, as she thought we might have much in common. She warned me that he was also interested in Christian Science, but that I need not take any notice of that as, she said, it was only a little fad of his. I eventually visited the son and he lent me a book by Mary Baker Eddy called "Christian Healing." When I had read the first few pages I realized in a flash that this was the answer to my prayer and the "something" for which I had been searching for many years.

I cannot describe the uplift, the joy, and the freedom that came to me as I continued to read; I drank in every word and knew that Truth was being revealed to me in Mrs. Eddy's writings. For days I did nothing but read and ponder the new ideas that were being revealed; and it seemed as if a new world was unfolding. I soon realized that this way of life had to be practiced, and found that in direct proportion to my strict adherence to its teachings Christian Science was indeed demonstrable. My whole outlook on life improved, and instead of a dark and hopeless future, each day became more and more wonderful.

Testimony of Healing
For many years before Christian Science came to my...
March 31, 1934

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