Christian Science has given me a life of activity, for...

Christian Science has given me a life of activity, for which I am deeply grateful. Before accepting Christian Science as the means of salvation from physical frailty, mental discontent, and financial lack, I was so completely buried in materiality that I did not have even a blind faith in God. My family had been one of some means, but gradually the material goods dwindled until nothing remained to keep up the former way of living. Into this environment I was born. I grew up with the consciousness of limitation in every direction, and a sense of bitterness because of deprivation, but with a love for the sort of life which I saw around me. Within my heart was a determination to win back what had gone. I was undisciplined in this, lawless, critical, arrogant, and proud. It is little wonder that I was physically frail and mentally discontented. But through it all was a spark of spiritual receptivity which responded to the truth, as Christian Science presented it to me, when I was utterly despondent, hopeless, and not only willing but eager to leave this world. The love which Christian Science gave me so thoroughly comforted and satisfied me that I seized it with untempered zeal. But I have experienced the baptism of Spirit. The journey back to Soul may be through much tribulation, but the joys are incalculable. At the present time I rejoice in some measure of true humility and spiritual substance, which is God's reflection, and I know this cannot be taken from me.

The physical healings have been many, the financial aids timely, and the mental peace sweet. A healing which was one of the turning points in my experience was that of an infected foot. One evening when I was in agony, the one who was caring for me went some distance to a telephone to call for help for me. The pain immediately abated and I slept that night. The next morning a surgeon arrived. He had been called by one who was under criticism, because to many it appeared that I was being neglected. As the surgeon took my foot in his hand, the festered condition opened of itself so that his services were unnecessary. From that time I resolved to be obedient to God.

Testimony of Healing
As a child I attended the Christian Science Sunday School,...
March 31, 1934

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