Although I have been healed many times by the right...

Although I have been healed many times by the right application of Christian Science, I did not take up its study for physical healing, but because it satified my desire for a religion that healed people of their diseases, as in the time of Jesus. After attending the Christian Science church services for four months a copy of the textbook was purchased, as was also a copy of the Bible. Let me say that these four months of attendance at the church services fully convinced me that I had found the religion of Jesus; that Christian Science not only taught how Christ Jesus healed men of their diseases, but taught that I might do the same in proportion to my obedience to his teachings. I soon found that a consistent study of the Lesson-Sermons in the Christian Science Quarterly brought joy and happiness, and that beliefs of disease were being destroyed.

It is now twenty years since the textbook was purchased, and the joy and blessings which have been brought into my life are more than words can ever tell. Suffice it to say that there have been innumerable healings of physical disease, such as cuts, burns, bruises, sprains, headaches, influenza, pneumonia, fear of tuberculosis, and fever. I saw the healing of a severe case of blood poisoning after three doctors had said that the only hope of saving the patient's life was to amputate the arm. Just two weeks from the time help was asked for in Christian Science the patient was using her hand in crochet work. This was a great inspiration to us, as we had been studying Christian Science only about three years. When two children were born I was up, dressed, and carrying on the regular daily routine of household tasks at the end of eight hours, in each case, free from all false beliefs, and entirely well. The last of these experiences was over eight years ago.

Testimony of Healing
It seemed only natural that from early childhood I should...
March 31, 1934

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