In your issue of September 26 a doctor implies that...

Cape Times

In your issue of September 26 a doctor implies that primitive superstition is the basis of Christian Science which "achieves a measure of success;" also that the Christian Science textbook is a "jargon of words." This latter could be applied to any book that was not understood, but the fact that thousands of cases of healing are on record duly authenticated (in many cases by medical men) shows that that which appears to be jargon to some people is understood by others.

Christian Scientists are not at war with the medical profession, and they fully appreciate that they are honest in their endeavor to heal disease and give comfort to the sick to the best of their ability, and we honor them for their unselfish labors. All the same, can they say that in spite of all the modern wonderful medical appliances and inventions there is less disease in the world now than in primitive times?

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