Abiding in Light

True to the revelation he represents, the Christian Scientist stands for God alone, divine Principle alone. He stands for perfection as the unassailable fact of creation, and glories in this fact. Whatever fails to worship God and acknowledge Mind's immanent glory is no part of Christian Science or the Christian Scientist. What is worship? It is not personal homage to a personal Deity. It is the full acknowledgment of divine Principle, its might and manifestation everywhere, everlastingly. Being is, and is all-inclusive.

Jesus repudiated satanic suggestions with the declaration, "It is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve." By his calm, coherent acknowledgment of the one Mind he withstood what to the unillumined thought appeared to be temptations and terrible conditions to be overcome. This true acknowledgment defeated temptation. Loyalty to God includes loyalty to one's own God-given identity, one's own singleness of vision, entire veracity, spiritual poise. In his loyalty to God and to his own identity, the Christian Scientist triumphs. One would not be worshiping God, infinite good, if at any time one were to bow down to the hypotheses of evil. Truth admits no hypotheses, no choice of opposites. Therefore temptation is as unreal as that which it is supposed to present. There is no such presentation or supposition. There is fact and demonstration, Mind and manifestation, cause and effect. The infinite Mind knows no misrepresentation.

Items of Interest
Items of Interest
December 29, 1934

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