Release from Snares

Through Christian Science and its honest application each one may find complete liberation from mortal self-deception, the imposture of the ages. Why? Because the infinitude of Spirit revealed by this Science accords to matter and evil no place, time, condition, power, or law. This being scientifically true, it is humanly provable. Alert students of Christian Science maintain their stand against self-deception and for spiritual awakening.

Fear is one of the deceivers of humanity. Its ravages and suffering, mental, moral, or physical, are always lawless, however, for the origin of law is in divine Love, which knows no fear. Broadly speaking, disease is traceable to the deferential but deluded belief that health is a product of the physical body. The fact is that health is begotten of Spirit and maintained by spiritual law. Hence sickness is part of the claim of mortal self-deception which Christian Science heals by the operation of truth in human consciousness. Every material scare is a snare and unworthy of belief, when faced with spiritual enlightenment. "The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe." By bringing to human comprehension the pure identity of God's likeness, Christian Science unmasks the lie that man is material, unsafe, untrustworthy. As the snare of mortal self-deception, which includes the belief that evil is terrible or likable, is broken by the understanding of God and man, the way of freedom is found. Man is spiritual, not material; perfect, not imperfect; immortal, not mortal. This is the basis of spiritual healing established in Christian Science.

Persuasive Preaching
May 20, 1933

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