In your issue of the 9th, which contained a report...

Bridlington Chronicle

In your issue of the 9th, which contained a report of a lecture given in the Wesley Hall, Christian Science is mentioned in close connection with hypnotism, suggestion, occultism, clarivoyance, fortune telling, and spiritualism. As this classification may lead your readers to assume that Christian Science is related to these false mental activities, I shall be obliged if you will publish this short statement.

Christian Science reveals the activity of divine Mind, God, as applied in human affairs; therefore, it is definitely removed from the above-mentioned activities in their every form. The power Christian Science demonstrates is not of man; it is of God. Christian Science corrects the false beliefs of the human mind; it changes and improves character by revealing the real man's relationship to God. The practice of Christian Science is an uplifting and transforming process, which is not the result of human will-power or personal control. It is the application of the truth of being, as taught by Christ Jesus.

December 30, 1933

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