About seventeen years ago Christian Science came into...

About seventeen years ago Christian Science came into my life through a friend, whose healing through the study of Christian Science I had witnessed. Her physician had told me that she was incurably ill and had only a few months to live; but when a few months had passed it was very evident that instead of carrying out the verdict of the physicians she was greatly changed, happy and at peace, and I was puzzled to know what could have brought about this change, as up to that time she had not discussed with me her study and application of Christian Science. When I took an opportunity one day to congratulate her on the great improvement in her appearance and asked her what she had done to bring it about, with a beaming face she told me that Christian Science had done it. At that time I was very unhappy, being burdened with domestic and financial troubles and minor physical ailments. The conviction at once came to me that my friend had found something that I needed, and when I asked her if she thought it would help me she assured me that it would. The very next day she most lovingly helped me to begin studying the Lessons-Sermons from the Christian Science Quarterly. The results were beyound my expectation: the sense of burden began to fall from me as I learned of God at hand, in whom I could trust, and whose promises given in the Bible became a reality in my daily life, giving me courage and hope as I learned more each day through my study that they applied to me and to my present problems and not to a far-off time or some future state.

During that first year's study I was healed of chronic tonsillitis, hemorrhoids, and chills and fever. The healing of chills and fever was a great step forward, as my husband and my mother were positive that I must take certain kinds and quantities of medicine, and they were most unwilling that I should trust to Christian Science treatment. In spite of this opposition the healing took place in one treatment from a practitioner, and offered a convincing proof to those nearest to me that Christian Science does heal. From that time all opposition in my home was broken down.

Testimony of Healing
I should like to tell how I came to Christian Science, and...
January 28, 1933

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