The Sabbath Day

When Christ Jesus, on the Sabbath day, restored the sick and sinning to wholeness, he was fulfilling the commandment, "Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy." May not the spiritual aspect of the Sabbath be regarded as the consciousness of divine Love, in which all is harmonious and perfect, the consciousness which we should "remember" heals, restores, and purifies?

Today, as in Jesus' time, erring mortal sense tries to belittle the Sabbath to one day a week and even then devotes it largely to material pursuits, instead of remembering the divine command "to keep it holy." Nevertheless, through the teachings of Christian Science, many are learning of the Sabbath day in its true meaning as the Christ comes to them with healing and restoration: they are learning how better to obey the Fourth Commandment in its divine sense.

Christ versus Popularity
June 11, 1932

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