I shall feel obliged for space in which to reply to the...

Newcastle Journal

I shall feel obliged for space in which to reply to the criticisms leveled at Christian Science during the Convocation at Canterbury, as reported in the Newcastle Journal of the 23d instant. One clergyman criticized Christian Science because of its teaching that matter is unreal, which he described as a "fantastic" theory. Christian Science certainly teaches that matter is not real because it is not created by God, Spirit, who is the only creator. But why attack Christian Science for teaching this? Christ Jesus said, "The flesh profiteth nothing;" John said, "The world passeth away, and the lust thereof;" and some of the leading physical scientists of to-day are coming into line with what Christ Jesus said over nineteen hundred years ago.

The same clergyman, while paying a generous tribute to the success of Christian Science healing, appeared to think it was merely faith-healing, as the word is commonly understood. Now a person may be helped by his faith in a drug, or by faith in his doctor, but Christian Science healing is based on the understanding of God; and many of those healed seldom have little if any faith in Christian Science before being healed, and generally try Christian Science only as a last resort, after material remedies have failed.

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